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From: Alex Do (
Date: Wed Sep 21 2005 - 04:44:41 EEST

Striping is a common problem in the 402(c). Crumbly parts are usually
coincident with striping.

I recommend regular replacement intervals for both the head and the carriage
in a 402 ... Especially if you are in color mode you will need to replace
these more often. How often depends on how much you run it but I replace
the heads every two months and the carriage every 6-7 months. To save the
cost of troubleshooting (labor ain't cheap) I change the head at the first
sign of striping and then the carriage. The head takes 5 minutes (reboot
time) and the carriage takes 20. If this doesn't solve it I would try the
binder filter but that's not as common.

These classic (i.e. old and fussy) machines suffer from a terrible amount of
inertia ... It takes a while to get it up and running, but once it's going
if you can keep jobs coming it will run well. The longer you wait between
jobs (esp. weeks) the more problems you will have with this machine.

By the way, as I'm sure you may have noticed you can purchase color heads
from Office depot or the like as Canon BC-21e and print carriage assemblies
from PartsNow in Madison, WI. You can find their info online and the phone
number is 800-886-6688

The part numbers for the carriage are:
Carriage Assy QG5-1079-040
Carriage Belt QB1-0991
Belt Clip QB1-2250

I don't want to list the prices (as I'm not really an authorized seller) but
you'll find that they are much less than if you get them directly from


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Thanks for all the replies; i shall try the cleaning of the carriage
although i'm sure we've recently just done that, but no harm in doing it
again. I shall also check the gears and belts and get back to you on how it

The stripe runs from the front to the back of the machine. It is a very thin

line as though one or two of the ink nozzles are blocked as the distance
stays constant, even after print head changes.

What i am also getting is a very rough surface finish in the Z height.
Approximately every 5mm in the z direction we get a lip appear on the model
as though the print head has overshot where it is supossed to print.

I am based in Nottingham, UK.

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>Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 17:39:53 +0100
>Which direction does the stripe run? How wide is the stripe? Have
>checked the carriage belt and gears are clean?
>BTW, where do you work?
>Andrew Chantrill
>T2M Limited
>Waterloo Close
>St. Mawes
>TR2 5BD
>P: 01326 270712
>F: 01326 270102
>M: 0777 557 0010
>On 15 Sep 2005, at 16:47, richard fletcher wrote:
>>Hi everyone
>>I am running a Z-Corp Z402 and have been getting a problem with the
>>quality of finish with the models, as well as the parts being extremely
>>weak. We are running the saturation levels as instructed, but there
>>appears to be a thin stripe of binder which is missing from every sweep
>>the print head does on every layer. We've changed the print head and
>>cleaned the contacts but it always seems to give the same results. Does
>>anyone know whether it's likely to be the print head carriage and/or the
>>ribbon cable which attaches it to the head card?
>>Many thanks in advance.
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