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From: julial@hkpc.org
Date: Wed Sep 21 2005 - 06:29:56 EEST

Dear List,

The Rapid Prototyping Technology Centre that I am working with, provides RP
services to small and start-up companies in Hong Kong and PRD of China; and
also to promote the idea of productivity enhancement through application of

I am currently trying to explore the area of applying Rapid Prototyping
into Medical uses, and the feasibility of popularizing the idea. I have
read about the applications in making scaffolds for Tisse Engineering;
Surgical planning / guidance; failure evaluation.. Among all, I am more
interested in the application of RP in Surgical Planning and failure
evaluation. I also have question whether virtual reality can do the same
job as prototypes? And are there other popular applications in medical use?

Can anyone kindly tell me about currect situation and future opportunities
about RP in Medical applications?

I would very much like to get into contact with any of you who are already
in this field or are interested in this.

Thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,
Julia Leung


Julia Nga Man LEUNG (Miss)
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