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Hi Folks:

** The name of the RP PATENT ALERT NEWSLETTER has been changed to "THE
ADDITIVE FABRICATION SPY." This is not only more conspiratorial but also reflects
the widening reach of the technology. The content and research focus remain
exactly the same. Highlights of the latest edition are now available on The
Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping web site.

A total of 198 RP patents and applications were published from 6/7/05 to
9/6/05. There are now nearly 3,300 US rapid prototyping patent documents in our
database. It's estimated that the original material reviewed for this update
exceeds 6,000 pages.

Read More About ....
-- Technology that could result in RP system selling prices only marginally
higher than an inkjet printer.

-- Exposing parts to solvent vapors to smooth layers in fused deposition
modeling (FDM).

-- A method of RP based on electron beam melting that uses a bath of
specially-developed liquid metal for cooling.

-- Fabrication of miniature Tesla turbines to provide efficient power sources
for MEMs applications.

-- Photopolymer materials that can be used to make object features smaller
than the diffraction limit of light.

-- An injection molding process based on fused deposition modeling (FDM)
which may be appropriate to an office environment.

-- MEMs-based filters for imbedding in the white of the eye used for treating

-- RP-generated models of internal organs that allow surgeons to practice
insertion of catheters and similar devices on realistic models of blood vessels
and hearts.

*** Find out what's really going on in the world of RP!
These are the briefest highlights. Enormous efforts are being exerted in the
areas of technology, rapid manufacturing and tooling, materials and medicine.
Use the red *PATENTS HOT NOW* button on our home page or just click on the
PATENTS button at the top of any page, or the text link at the bottom.

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