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I'm certainly thrilled to see Mr. Crump following in the footsteps of Art
Sims at 3D. I find such behavior highly unethical. At least 3D closed
their service bureau and stopped competing with their Customers after the
departure of Mr. Sims.

-Steve Stewart

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Hi Folks:

Just got a news release from Stratasys that should be of general interest.
Here's a small excerpt:

In a message dated 05-10-18 12:36:16 EDT, Joe Hiemenz writes:

 Automated Service Can Handle High Volume of Parts
 Made from Production-Grade Plastics
 Minneapolis , Oct. 17, 2005 - Stratasys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSYS) today
the launch of RedEye RPM(tm), the world's largest rapid prototype and part
building service. Stratasys CEO, Scott Crump, will also introduce the
at 4 p.m. today while presiding over the NASDAQ market closing ceremony in
New York City. is an online extension of Stratasys' existing BuildFDM
service, which builds prototypes and parts using the FDM process for
customers in
North America. RedEye augments this existing service by allowing automated,
instant quoting and ordering around the clock, seven days a week.


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