Re: [rp-ml] 3D software

From: steve (
Date: Tue Oct 18 2005 - 13:42:51 EEST

Steve Stewart wrote:
> Hello, all -
> We are considering upgrading our old, trusty SLA-500 to 3D's latest
> Buildstation software (5.5, I think). It was reportedly still buggy
> when announced at the User's Group, so we are concerned about that. We
> wanted to upgrade to 5.4 and wait for 5.5 so we wouldn't be on the
> bleeding edge, but 3D won't sell "downlevel software."

I'm not so sure I like that philosophy.

So if they find some horrible bug in 5.5 and release a version 5.6,
you'd then consider buying 5.5 because it's not on the bleeding edge?

That's weird...but that's probably what you're doing by using 5.4.

I don't know this software - but in general - most software groups
change the number before the dot when they add a bunch of new features
- and bump the number after the dot when they fix bugs.

So 5.5 ought to be better than 5.4 - but I'd be quite nervous about
6.0 because adding a bunch of new features does tend to destabilise
a large, complex software package - so you maybe would want to wait
a couple of more minor version changes.

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