RE: [rp-ml] 3D software

From: Phil Iehle (
Date: Wed Oct 19 2005 - 20:55:59 EEST

It might be worth looking at what 3D did with buildstation V5.5.

While the numbering leads one to believe it is a patch, bug fix, or
maintenance release, it really is a fairly major upgrade to the software and
should be V6.0.

The upgrade is such, that they recommend replacing the "electronics package"
in the SLA for best performance. Running XP on the CPU, it now runs 64 bit
process, true multitasking/threading, and more.

I would hesitate before upgrading, as I have seen problems in most "new"
releases of 3D's software.
I found for the longest time that V5.3 worked much better on my viper until
a bug/maintenance release was out
for V5.4 (about 8 months). Many issues in 5.4 caused crashes on very small
or very large parts builds.

I fully agree with having the choice to obtain which release you need.

Phil Iehle
Versadyne LLC

Am 18.10.2005 um 12:42 schrieb steve:

> I don't know this [3D's Buildstation] software - but in general -
> most software groups
> change the number before the dot when they add a bunch of new features
> - and bump the number after the dot when they fix bugs.

If one sells software, fine and expected habits are to release
maintenance/bug fix releases for free.

3D Buildstation might be a "evolving" software, i.e. small
enhancements are added from dot release to dot release. I just fail
to see any reason why Steve doesn't have the choice to buy whatever
release he wants.

My $0.02,

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