[rp-ml] Another one bites the dust...

From: EdGrenda@aol.com
Date: Sun Oct 23 2005 - 22:19:23 EEST

Hi Folks:

Does anyone know when this happened? The page info is dated 10/21/05 so it
may have been just after the close of makets on Friday.

Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co.
EdGrenda@aol.com (email)

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Brings up this redirect and brief message:


For approximately seven years MTS has invested in laser additive
manufacturing (LAM) technology in hopes of commercializing the process.

We made many excellent technology advances. These advances include
substantial proprietary process developments as well as the delivery of LAM based
components now flying on various US military aircraft. We have been unsuccessful
however, in achieving a sustainable business model. Additionally, continued
operations would require significant further investments.

Since the business is not strategic to MTS, and given the conditions stated
above, MTS has decided to discontinue AeroMet operations.

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