[rp-ml] Need a blade for a SLA-350

From: Steve Stewart (steve@protogenic.com)
Date: Mon Oct 24 2005 - 21:47:53 EEST

Hello, all -
Our SLA-350, S/N 960259, suffered a catastrophic blade crash yesterday. The
tech told the machine to stop a build that was crashing, and it then asked
him if he wanted to abort, so he said OK. The blade was at the back of the
vat, and the elevator just came right on up, crashing the elevator arms
right into the bottom of the blade, and putting two big knots in the blade.
I know, believe me, that there should be no way this could happen, but it
3D says they don't have a blade in stock, so I thought I'd just shoot this
out to see if anybody has a spare 350 blade that we could borrow, or buy?
-Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart
protogenic, inc.
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