Re: [rp-ml] Question on how to clean SLA parts

From: Wehl (
Date: Fri Oct 28 2005 - 18:25:55 EEST

Dear Mr. Ron Rich,

Thank you for your response, it really points into the
same direction I've been working at the moment.
Right now, we do some trials with an agitation tank,
platform goes up and down, and air bubbling through
the solvent ( acetone ).
Still doesn't clean too well, leaves some "wires", which
to my opinion are disolved supports smearing out
into the semicured sticky layer.
Maybe the ultra-sonic way will help.

Thanks again!

Lammertus de Vries
Wehl & Partner
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  I ran a RP group for a while and we did use TPM in an ultrasonic cleaner. I have not had to mess with any of the new material the last few years but I would guess that is still the same. The resin supplier should be able to offer you some good suggestions.


  One thing we did that worked real well until the TPM ate up the seals and plastic hose, was to us a waterpick. Which was a popular teeth cleaning device in the 70's. The unit would pulse the solvent out with decent pressure and the agitation cleaned the parts real well. However, we were unable to find any more after we used up our second waterpick pick unit which we found at garage sales. I would think a small autoparts washer would do a similarly good job, them pump should be at least able to stand up to the TPM or other solvents. I think we used denatured alcohol also.


  Hope it helps




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  Subject: [rp-ml] Question on how to clean SLA parts


  Hello list,


  I'd like to ask you all if there is some magical way

  to clean the parts just taken out of an SLA machine.

  There always seems to stick some semi cured resin

  on the support side of the parts, needing some

  brushing in a cleaning solvent.

  We've been looking into a cleaning machine but

  still the results are not 100%.

  Would ultrasonic cleaning be a solution?


  Thanks for any response!


  Lammertus de Vries

  Wehl & Partner

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