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Hi Folks:

Below is an interesting spot of news that Elaine Hunt has been trying without
success to post to the list:

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In a message dated 05-11-07 15:56:08 EST, Elaine Hunt writes:

 Valencia Firm Headed to South Carolina
 3D Systems combining local and Colorado locations.
 3D Systems Corporation, a leading provider of rapid 3-D printing,
 prototyping and manufacturing solutions, announced Thursday that it will be
 consolidating its Valencia and Grand Junction, Colo., facilities into a new
 major headquarters in Rock Hill, S.C.
 Currently headquartered in Valencia, company officials have cited a number
 of reasons for the move, including increased profits, cost reductions,
 expansion requirements and growth projections.
 "The decision to move to the greater Charlotte area was made after an
 extensive and thorough review of a number of locations and a variety of key
 operating and strategic factors," Abe Reichental, 3D Systems' president and
 CEO, said in a statement. "(These factors) include meeting our growth and
 expansion requirements within a business-friendly environment, achieving
 sustained operating-cost reductions in a competitive region of the country,
 improving employee development and recruitment costs and employee retention
 by becoming an employer of choice in the Charlotte region, and locating in
 closer proximity to our customers, partners and suppliers."
 Reichental added that the company expects to realize facilities and
 operating-cost savings in excess of $2.5 million per year beginning in 2007.
 The estimated pre-tax cost of this relocation and consolidation should be
 in the range of $8 to $10 million, Reichental said. "We currently expect to
 incur approximately $1.3 million of these total estimated expenses in the
 fourth quarter of 2005 and the balance of these costs in 2006," he added.
 The move will affect the 145 employees of the Valencia and Grand Junction
 facilities, but how much is uncertain. Reichental said many of the
 employees will move with the company to the new headquarters.
 However, some will inevitably be unable to make the move.
 The company intends to establish an initial base of operations in Rock Hill
 and commence local operations there before the end of 2005. The move is
 expected to be completed by Sept. 30, 2006.
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