RE: [rp-ml] SLS Aluminum Filled Material

From: EXT-Taylor, Tracy L (
Date: Mon Nov 14 2005 - 19:17:40 EET

I too have seen parts, but have not used the material. It sounds like
the EOS Alumide(tm) SLS material. Solid Concepts has a data sheet posted
on their site. Maybe someone from there will chime in. Here is the
Tracy Taylor
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, Inc.

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        Subject: [rp-ml] SLS Aluminum Filled Material

        Hi Everyone.


        I am looking for information about / personal experiences with
the Aluminum Filled Polyamide material that is available for SLS
machines these days.


        I don't have any specific questions about it, but rather just
wanted to know if anyone wanted to add their 2 cents on the topic.



        Well . .wait a minute. I do have a specific question.

        At the SME meeting in Dearborn, when RP parts were collected
from vendors to build a small toy combination safe.

        My safe has its mainbody made out of what looks like aluminum
filled plastic material.

        Although it has the EOS logo on it. I didn't know EOS had
anything besides regular and glass filled PA.

        A quick look on the EOS website doesn't tell me anything about
their materials.

        (Granted I didn't look TOO long. But then if it is a good
website . .I shouldn't have to spend half an hour looking for
information about their materials)


        Thanks in advance for any information.


        Scott Tilton


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