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From: Frederick Claus (
Date: Mon Nov 14 2005 - 20:47:35 EET

SOLID CONCEPTS has been running the EOS Aluminum filled Polyamide
material for the past several months.
Processing the ALUMIDE material is about the same as standard PA
materials, except we have noticed a few additional features and benefits
and SOLID CONCEPTS piece part RP pricing for Alumide is about the same
as for other PA materials.
You may visit the SOLID CONCEPTS website
and try our E-Quotes for pricing of your geometry; or, you may want to
submit your CAD files for detailed quoting via our Project Engineering
"IN BOX" at
Frederick Claus
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Solid Concepts, Inc.
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I too have seen parts, but have not used the material. It sounds like
the EOS Alumide(tm) SLS material. Solid Concepts has a data sheet posted
on their site. Maybe someone from there will chime in. Here is the
Tracy Taylor
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, Inc.

Yep, EOS' website is a tough go. But they do have an aluminum filled
material called Alumide. It looks nice but I've never tried it.
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        Subject: [rp-ml] SLS Aluminum Filled Material

        Hi Everyone.


        I am looking for information about / personal experiences with
the Aluminum Filled Polyamide material that is available for SLS
machines these days.


        I don't have any specific questions about it, but rather just
wanted to know if anyone wanted to add their 2 cents on the topic.



        Well . .wait a minute. I do have a specific question.

        At the SME meeting in Dearborn, when RP parts were collected
from vendors to build a small toy combination safe.

        My safe has its mainbody made out of what looks like aluminum
filled plastic material.

        Although it has the EOS logo on it. I didn't know EOS had
anything besides regular and glass filled PA.

        A quick look on the EOS website doesn't tell me anything about
their materials.

        (Granted I didn't look TOO long. But then if it is a good
website . .I shouldn't have to spend half an hour looking for
information about their materials)


        Thanks in advance for any information.


        Scott Tilton


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