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Date: Mon Nov 14 2005 - 22:22:24 EET

Here's the lowdown. . . gonna take a long way around it.
DTM developed a CopperFilled PA material focused on tooling applications
a number of years ago. It was discontinued because it offered no
benefits over the glass filled material. It did have slightly better
thermal conductivity and a bit more weight.
CRP in Italy started using an Aluminum filled PA (WindForm) material a
few years ago. It became a big hit in the Formula 1 racing and also
started some buzz in Aerospace. The features that were liked were the
performance in wind tunnel tests. Subsequently, they developed a range
of filled PA products included an Al/Glass filled PA, and I think now a
carbon filled variety.
HighTemp in southern CA started to offer a knockoff of the WindForm in
the US and several aerospace companies started to like the features.
Because of the rising popularity of this material (CRP and HighTemp),
EOS and 3D Systems developed similar products.
Some of the HighTemp customers had to find alternate suppliers, so that
opened up the market for EOS and 3D. CRP doesn't have a large domestic
base and don't have the same material supply connections that the big
boys do. So, some of the interest generated by the HighTemp venture has
translated to business for other people.
So - there's the history.
Here's some more specific stuff.
Material Properties(Duraform AF for 3D, Alumide for EOS, Windform for
CRP) - virtually identical in material properties to Duraform GF.
Running in Machine - Harder to recycle material - pretty much run with
virgin material and overflows only. I think the density and possible
thermal mass of the material lends itself to more degredation.
Pros - heavy material. good thermal properties. looks kinda like Al.
Cons - no significant performace enhancement of GF. More costly to run
and harder to recycle.
InBetween - Cost can vary significantly. EOS has been selling it pretty
cheap to a few customers. 3D version is more mid level. CRP Windform
Pro has proven to be quite expensive.
Sorry for the long answer, but I hope it helps you out.

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Hi Everyone.


I am looking for information about / personal experiences with the
Aluminum Filled Polyamide material that is available for SLS machines
these days.


I don't have any specific questions about it, but rather just wanted to
know if anyone wanted to add their 2 cents on the topic.



Well . .wait a minute. I do have a specific question.

At the SME meeting in Dearborn, when RP parts were collected from
vendors to build a small toy combination safe.

My safe has its mainbody made out of what looks like aluminum filled
plastic material.

Although it has the EOS logo on it. I didn't know EOS had anything
besides regular and glass filled PA.

A quick look on the EOS website doesn't tell me anything about their

(Granted I didn't look TOO long. But then if it is a good website . .I
shouldn't have to spend half an hour looking for information about their


Thanks in advance for any information.


Scott Tilton


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