[rp-ml] Updating my address book

From: Doug Johnson (parts@protocallonline.com)
Date: Wed Nov 16 2005 - 17:36:45 EET


I recently had a hard drive crash and lost a lot of my

Please update with Plaxo, it is a really great tool & easy to

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Name: RP Mailing List
Job Title:
Company: RP Mailing List
Work E-mail: rp-ml@rapid.lpt.fi
Work Phone:
Work Fax:
Work Address Line 1:
Work Address Line 2:
Work City, State, Zip:
Mobile Phone:

Home E-mail:
Home Phone:
Home Fax:
Home Address Line 1:
Home Address Line 2:
Home City, State, Zip:

P.S. I've included my Plaxo card below so that you have my current information. I've also attached a copy as a vCard.

 | Doug Johnson
 | parts@protocallonline.com
 | Owner
 | ProtoCall, LLC
 | 507 West College Avenue
 | Waukesha, WI 53186
 | work: 2624463104
 | fax: 2628968945
 | web: www.protocallonline.com

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