Re: [rp-ml] Re: Direct & indirect metal layer manufacturing review

From: Stanley Lechtzin (
Date: Fri Nov 25 2005 - 06:58:46 EET

Hi Wesley -

I suggest that you add the following to your list. I have used their
services and was pleased with the results.

<>The Ex One Company | ProMetal
PO BOX 1111
Irwin, PA. 15642

Phone 724-86EXONE

At 03:21 PM 11/24/2005, Wesley Brooks wrote:
>Further to my last message I would be interested in finding technical
>details of the machine such as accuracies, scan speeds, miniumum
>feature resolution, surface finish, and attainable densities. The
>machines that I'm looking at (not exclusively) at the moment are:
>3D Systems - Sinterstation Pro / HiQ / Vanguard
>Arcam - EBM S12 (or variants of)
>Concept Laser - M3 / M1
>EOS - P700 / M250
>MCP Realizer - Realiser 1, 2, & 3
>Optomec - LENS 850-R
>Phenix Systems - PM250 / PM100
>Trumpf - LF 130
>I know I have included plastic processing machines in this list but
>have done so on purpose .
>Thanks again in advance,
>Wesley Brooks

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