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I have always thought this would be a good project. Use a 3D printing
machine that uses a powdered material for its build material and a liquid
binder (Z-Corp). Then modify the binder delivery system to allow you to use
a number of different binders (Z-Corp color). Develop a binder that will
conduct electricity. If this could be worked out your 3D prints could
contain all the necessary power and switching runs for some very complex
shaped parts. It would also allow children with a few small motors,
switches, and batteries to build their own powered toys. There are many
applications of this that are possible.


Just a thought, maybe it has been done?





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My name is Khurram Altaf and I am a mechanical engineer. I am quite

with the 3D printing RP/RM process. I am also planning to to Doctoral Level

on Rapid Prototyping/Manufacturing involving 3D printing process. I am
looking for a research

proposal/idea in this context. Can anyone help me out in finding a PhD
research proposal.


Khurram Altaf

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