[rp-ml] Our horrifying experience with Objet EDEN 260

From: Poddar & Co - India (info@poddardiamonds.com)
Date: Sat Dec 03 2005 - 16:19:21 EET

Our horrifying experience with Objet EDEN 260



Here we take this opportunity to spread out a word about our horrifying experience with OBJET EDEN 260 Rapid Prototyping machine.


We purchased Eden 260 machine in July 2004. Since the day it was installed it consistently gave problems which were related to product quality issues and parts failure.


Here we give the complete synopsis of the list of problems we faced during our encounter with this machine. Please note that the machine was run under controlled conditions as specified in the maual.

     Problem Description
     1. Product quality Issue

      2. axis alignment not well (bad transparency test)
     3. Head vacuum problem (Machine completely shut down)

     4. Liquid leakage problem, model, & support pump not working properly,


      5. Extra material purged on parts. Rejection of parts and waste of material.
     6. Y Axis problem (sensor problem), Machine complete shut down

      7. Leakage problem, wiper assembly problem

     8. leakage problem and also quality issue again (rough output with lots of layer


      9. Vacuum pump problem (Vacuum in the heads very low) - Machine shutdown

      10. Tray temperature very high

      11. Head problem (head number "S0" damaged)

      12. UV lamp always stays on. Doesn't switch itself off after finished printing.

     13. power supply problem (already changed it 3 times)

      14. Sensor problem (x axis problem) Machine complete shutdown

      15. Head Vacuum problem again.

      16. Vacuum pump end sensor assembly problem

      17. Sanmotion driver problem

      18. Extra liquid purge on pieces. Wastage of material.
     19. X axis problem

      20. Extra material purge on product
     21. One of the support heads have also gone bad, so obviously parts are not been printed properly. Needed immediate replacement.
     22. Y-axis sensor is bad. The machine has stopped printing since 2nd June 2005. Wrong parts were sent. Waste of almost 20 days.


      23. One More support head would need replacement

      24. One More model head would also need replacement



Considering the above we can confidently say that the machine that OBJET supplied to us was defective.


After a fight that we put up again the company, they agreed specifically in one of their correspondence that the machine was "DEFECTIVE" and "would be replaced with a new one." After sending our machine to their head office they claimed that the machine was in a bad condition and it would be only exchanged against a "DEMO" machine, which was not acceptable to us. Again after a few exchanges of blows they agreed to replace the machine with a NEW one.


But having gone through this experience, we have completely lost faith and confidence in the aforesaid company OBJET GEOMETRIES LTD. The customers and reputation that we have lost because of this purchase decision is difficult to reverse and it would only be another big mistake if we repeat it. So it would apt asking for a monitory compensation for the investment that we made, business that we have lost, and the mental harassment that we have gone through.


They really need to heed to customer grievances to stay in the business. We urge you all to be aware of this and get all technical details right before you make an investment.



Poddar & co.



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