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Date: Tue Dec 13 2005 - 10:05:03 EET

Dear Chuck Stapleton,
I wish to correct your observation on the mail of Horrible experience
with Eden 260.
It was not the technical support issue of the machine but the machine
itself was defective and supplied to the end customer. Since the
machine was defective one, it could not be fixed for a long time even by
local distributor and Objet engineers (3 of them visited the machine,
each time nearly a week) for nearly a year. On many occasions of
technical support, we (were the distributor from 2003-2005) advised
Objet Geometries to replace this defective instead of wasting money on
replacing parts and attending labour for such a long time. Therefore
the customer decided to return the machine back to Objet itself and
seeking justice legally. It is also mentioned that the machine was
certified defective by Objet company itself and agreed to take back the
Therefore, Hongkong distributor can be not held responsible for such
purchase decisions which attributes to the machine rather than technical
support. I also personally know that another company Logitech, Taiwan
had to return a Eden 330 machine since it was not possible to solve the
problem on-site. Perhaps, there can be more cases around the world,
whic I am not aware, but this forum can help to bring them out.
Objet may have improved the reliability of the machine but you needed to
check prior to your purchase and ensure that you are getting
non-defective and reliable machine.
with best regards,

Prabahar Annamalai


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We are considering purchasing an Eden 260 machine and I was wondering
about the support offered from their Hong Kong distributor. I read an
earlier mail about a horrible support experience with the Eden 260 and
wanted to see what others experience has been with the machine. A
simple "we use it and are very satisfied" will also help if that's all
you have time to respond to.


We currently have a ZCorp 510 and are looking to sell it because it
hasn't quite met our expectation as far as resolutions/accuracy goes.




Chuck Stapleton

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