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 Dear Gadi Har-shai,

Congratulations, I have done consulting work with Apsom in Mumbai and was
very impressed with their commitment to quality and customer support. The
Director of Apsom "Mr. Dadu" is committed to having Apsom become a major
technology supplier and technical support resource for the rapidly expanding
jewelry export business in India. Your description of the problems
associated with technology tools in India is not new, the same types of
things happened to Solid-Scape and unfortunately they have still not
recovered in India.





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The Eden 260 in question was installed at Poddar Co., a jewelry maker, in
India in August of 2004, over a year ago. During the period, the machine was
serviced by Objet local distributor at that time, Vectraform. Over this
period, this machine printing used over 100 kilogram of resin, which clearly
indicates that it was a good and performing machine, this material amount is
equivalent to about 1,000 printing hours!

However, due to a combination of misuse of the machine by the customer
(changing parameters, parts, moving the machine location to a new site) and
inadequate support that was provided by our distributor Vectraform, the
machine's condition deteriorated to a point it did not perform as our 400+
Objet Eden systems do around the world, and thus required Objet customer
support intervention. Our engineers visited Poddar several times for a week
each, since Vectraform simply did not show up or if did, stayed for
unreasonable short time. Since Poddar Co. rightfully refused to continue to
be serviced by Vectraform, Objet decided, and agreed with Poddar, to replace
the machine and seek another support solution. Unfortunately Poddar
infringed this agreement by shipping us back the machine, that during
transit became Total Loss, and was not insured as agreed.

Objet is committed to its customers even in unpleasant situations like that,
and will keep seeking a suitable solution to conclude this dispute. Given
our high concern for customer satisfaction a new distributor, Apsom Co. was
appointed three months ago in India to provide high level support to our
growing installed base in this region.

Rather than using the rp-ml forum for increasing the use of Rapid
Prototyping and growing the industry, we find it a pity for the above thread
to find its way to the forum.

Best regards,

Gadi Har-shai

VP Customer Support

Objet Geometries Ltd.


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