[rp-ml] "RP Tempering"(tm) Initial License Available January 1, 2005

From: Earl Dunlap (endunlap@manufacturingbydesign.com)
Date: Tue Dec 20 2005 - 05:56:51 EET

Scroll down to read the following information about the RP TEMPERING
TECHNOLOGY to include:

* definition of all the tempering technologies * how to apply
technologies * licensing cost & prices

* free sampling * practicals applications
*technical specification *no breakage guarantee

The BETA TESTING PHASE is over for the RP Tempering™ Process and will be
available to the industry on January 1, 2006. Only Limited License will
be available in a demographic area on a first come first serve bases.
This will ensure that RP Tempering™ licensee’s keep a competitive
advantage in technology and profit margins.


We currently offer one part for FREE of each of our technologies to any
potential future customer.

RP Tempering greatly enhances RP parts made with any material or system.
Prototyping SLA/SLS materials are very expensive. Our process reduces the
material used by 5% to 30% speeding up the part build. The compounds that
we would potentially supply you ranging from nano-tube technology to
compounds that will show up on an x-ray image are:

· Very inexpensive and economically cost effective

· Easily applied in minutes not hours

· You do not need experience labor

· You do not need an SLA/SLS machine to license and apply the

· The technology does not require any capital equipment

· We are only allowing a limited number of license per demographic area

· Standard work area needed 4’ x 10’ area

“Put the Margin Back Into your RP Sales and give your Customer the most
functional Prototyping made on the Market Today”

RP Tempering™, Proto-Plasma-Rx™ and Hybrid-Temp-Rx™ will yield you:

· Multiple characteristic options within a single part

· Increase the impact strength 13x times (rivaling ABS plastic in impact
strength) without losing flex modulus keeping the same stiffness.

· Optionally Flexural Modulus & Flexural Strength can be controlled
meeting the customer specification for flexibility or making the part
more stiff or rigid.

· Tensile strength is not effected

· Wall thicknesses down to thin wall .020” thick

· Heat resistance to 325* degrees

· Living hinges possible with a lifecycle of 200 repetitions

· Screw bosses will receive a self tapping screw without breaking
(lifecycle 200)

· Part will pass a UPS & FEX Drop Test. Our guarantee is if you package a
tempered part properly and it breaks during shipment we will replace it
for FREE!

Following is some basic information on the “RP Tempering”™ technology
that include “V”Groove”©, Proto-Plasma-Rx™ and Hybrid-Temp-Rx™. There in
no capital equipment required for these applications. The average time to
apply any one of the technologies is 30 minutes and adds only about 8% to
the cost considering tier one pricing. It speeds up your part build time
and uses up to 20% less resin or powder in material usage. To basically
define each process:

“RP Tempering”™ - This process is an initial engineering 3D CAD technique
that creates internal plumbing tunnels within the walls of any composite
part. Using CAD software we create spherical shapes, in specific location
to control stress built into any composite part. Then a secondary process
is completed by back filling the tunnels with one of our compounds to
achieve the required result. Sometimes it is not recommended to back fill
the tunnels in some or all location. Different compound mixtures usually
with different densities and/or durometers are used for specific
application results. We have mixed/compounded other chemical/materials
within our compound for special application for example: (For the medial
industry we mix barium sulfate or tungsten alloy power to be able to see
an image on an ex-ray, MRI or CT scan).

After the application critical areas are defined we can:

  * Increase impact strength up to 13 times verses a standard part.

  * Increase torque value up to 300%

  * Control the flexural modulus within a certain range verses the
    standard part. We can keep it the same and give you increase in
    impact strength or make is more flexible on one or more areas and
    give you the impact strength.

  * Vibration can be absorb and/or transferred within a certain range.

  * This has the capacity to give you different mechanical property
    results within one part design if required. (technical data sheets

“V”Groove© - This process designs a “V” style groove in the composite
part and give you approximately 80* percent of the results that “RP
Tempering”™ will give you in any of the enhancement stated. We use this
technology when the thin walls of the part are to thin to tunnel in the
resin or powder of choice. We have encountered this in SLS powders more.
“V”Groove combines both “RP Tempering”™ and Proto-Plasma-Rx™
technologies. The one thing the “V”Groove helps us do is force a one way
single direction of a particular are on an RP part if needed. This is
what we did in the soccer shoe sole, so that a kicker toe would remain
straight kicking the ball with the big toe squarely 100% of the time.

Proto-Plasma-Rx™ - This is very thin coating that is applied after the
part is grown. This plasma comes in colors or clear and results in a
smooth finish requiring no preliminary sanding or finishing of a part.
This will increase the impact strength by its self or even more with
tempering applied in the same part. It will enhance vibration control,
impact strength, flexibility and temperature resistance up to 325*
degrees. If you are growing an elastomer type material we can
proto-plasma a part enhancing the heat resistance and sealing
capabilities for gasketing applications. This can be used as an over-mold
on top of RP parts simulating a two shot molded cushion feel part.

Hybrid-Temp-Rx™ - This is a combination of both the “RP Tempering”™ and
Proto-Plasma-Rx™ technology. Combined we can enhance your part to its
fullest capabilities in multiple area or where desired.

Licensing & Fair Market Guidelines: We will end our Beta testing stages
on December 31, 2005 as promised after 3 longs years of development,
testing and legal complexities. We have promised 8 licenses during the
Beta testing stages and they are posted at www.manufacturingbydesign.com
.We talked to several companies globally and as of right now the early
license stage is closed. All other companies that we worked with during
the Beta stages that have not made a commitment to license RP Tempering™
will be put on the list automatically by initial MBD, Inc. contact date.
We are asking ALL OTHER COMPANIES to emailRapidResponse@manufacturingbydesign.com
or fill our form on www.RPTempering.com website on or after January 2nd,
2006 to be a potential licensee. This does not mean you have committed to
a license.

Manufacturing by Design, Inc., will then meet all potential RP Tempering™
licensees in numerical order. Manufacturing by Design, Inc. will explain
to each potential licensee the complete RP Tempering program. At that
point a decision will have to be made to decline, accept or accept with
stipulations. Acceptance with stipulations will be accepted for the
following reasons: company policy, management approval, legal approval or
required internal testing. First right of refusal will be reserved for 15
days. The potential licensee has the response ability to contact in
writing their final answer. If a written decision is not received MBD,
Inc. in the time period allotted we will, without notice, offer the next
company in line the licensee.

Licenses for the rapid prototyping industry will be limited to 1 per
demographic (major city) area per prototyping apparatus/system (with
material consideration). MBD, Inc. Mission Statement includes a
commitment not to diminish our customer’s market share by giving equal
pricing for license, supplies and services. In the event of special
promotions all licensee will be given the opportunity. These fair market
standards will insure our licensee a competitive advantage. The annual
licensing fee is applied toward technology research development,
immediate hourly response to any service, free technical support, free
location mapping for tunneling, application design support, free
advertising, on going technology promotion, and same day shipment on
orders for RP Tempering™ compound & supplies.

A potential licensee will have the opportunity to by a RP Tempering
license in multiple demographic areas regardless of where they are
located. The annual license fee will apply to each demographic area.


RP Tempering™ initial licensing special if purchased & paid for by the
end of January 2006:

· Initial 10% discount reducing the first year single license fee to only
$900. Annual licensing fee will be guaranteed for 3 years not to exceed
$1,000 annually. Any company signing a 3 year license agreement will be
awarded a 20% total discount off the annual licensing fee reducing the
yearly fee to $800.

· Multiple licensing demographic deals will cost $800 per demographic
area for the first year. Any company signing a 3 year multiple license
agreement will be awarded an annual fee of only $700 per demographic

· Initial stocking order for supplies will receive a 10% discount. A case
equals 4 cans with the exception of Proto-Seam™ compound. Multiple colors
can be order within one case. Initial stocking inventory:

· 1 case of standard RP Tempering™ compound in any color (black or red).
Cost $24.95 per can less 10% initial discount.

· 1 case of Proto-Plasma-Rx™ compound in any color (clear, red, black,
yellow, blue). Cost $19.95 per can less 10% initial discount.

· 1 can of Proto-Seam™. Cost $14.99 per can less 10% initial discount.

· 1 case of 10 manual tunnel syringe injection applicators. Cost $1.25
each less 10% initial discount.

· 1 large manual loading extractor. Cost $5 each less 10% initial

Manufacturing by Design, Inc.
DBA as RPTempering.com
317-507-9030 office
For a fast quote email: RapidResponse@manufacturingbydesign.com

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