RE: [rp-ml] Looking for Eden 260 experiences - From Poddar & Co.

Date: Thu Dec 22 2005 - 18:04:36 EET

Dear Mr. Gadi Har-shai,

It was rather disappointing to see the blame is put back on the customer
instead on the defective Eden 260 supplied to us. As it is clearly stated
that the said machine was “Defective” right from the day we put it to use,
we continue to stay with our claim. Out of the 400+ machines, our machine
is found to be defective by our real world experience, by VectraFORM and by
Objet. There can be more machines, which only the users have to bring to
this forum, now and in the future.

Out of the 100kg material that you claim that we used, more than 60% was
wasted in printing test parts by all (including Objet’s) support engineers
to check & fix the machine’s performance. More was wasted printing
incomplete and bad parts which obviously did not yield any results.

We highlight another important concern over to this active forum to keep a
check on the amount of material wasted by this machine (Eden 260) over a
period of use. We do not wish to put any figures here, but expect them from
the actual users around the world. Empty the waste-bin before you begin
printing and collect after x number of hours usage to check on the wastage.
“Many will be surprised” even printing a few hours in a day.

Use of such machine is not new to us. We have been using much more
complicated, sophisticated and expensive laser machines for diamonds from
Bentonville, Sarin etc and “such blame of “tampering with the machine” is
only to brush aside the actual problem”. We had not tampered ever with any
part of Eden 260 during its use at our premises, beating the purpose of
buying the machine in the first place. We are victimized by stray comments
for investing on the machine. Please do understand that we are not against
RP technology or Polyjet technology, WE DID NOT GET A MACHINE FROM OBJET

We also wish to clearly state that the support from Objet & VectraFORM was
appreciable during the warranty period. Objet sent 3 different engineers on
3 separate occasions (installation, your new support engineer’s first visit
& after shifting the machine to new premises) to fix the problem, which
unfortunately could not fix the problem permanently except “a few hours

When Objet agreed to provide direct support in lieu of VectraFORM, we did
not foresee to raise this issue to this dignified forum. We would have
rather stayed with VectraFORM, had it been ‘the non-defective machine.
VectraFORM had spent many days & nights (with their knowledge) to fix this
defective machine, every time it went down.

Users must also everyone to note that Objet recommends changing 10 to 12
heads per machine per year. That is an expense of almost US$ 10000. In one
of their correspondence from Objet sales they state that ” Customer should
be aware about it that between 10-12 heads need to be replaced during one
year”. One can only imagine the Overhead cost with such expenses. Then
comes the cost of the material and then the wastage.

Regarding the insurance issue, we had approached the Insurance company for
insuring before shipping the machine back to OBJET. Unfortunately,
correspondence has already been forwarded to OBJET. Total Loss has not
happened to Objet but to Poddar & Co for believing in Eden 260 which caused
losses in money, time and customers. This is true. We request you not to
re-sell this defective machine to anyone for God’s sake, even to our

We have come far away from the basic 3D printing technology. It’s time to
perfect the implementation for commercial use. Every aspect needs
consideration to make it a success. We do not judge the good or the bad but
only wish to initiate the comparative study for new users.

It is pitiable that Vice-President – Customer Support is not wiling to
accept the facts that we faced with Eden 260. We believed in Eden 260. We
purchased Eden 260. We are taken for a ransom by selling us a defective
machine. Are you calling yourself a ‘wise’ because we are writing to this
forum to high-light the problem? So be it.

with best Regards,
Poddar & Co.

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