[rp-ml] Objet - controversy in India - can be elsewhere

From: Hiren Patel (hpatel206@yahoo.co.in)
Date: Sat Dec 24 2005 - 09:07:40 EET

Dear List,
  Watching emails going back & forth from Objet customer, distributor, & Objet itself. As an RP user thru service bureau for jewelery I would like to put forth my experiences, observations ;
  Objet people stating that such grievences should not be addressed at this site, is totaly wrong. The email from the VP Customer support Objet, is totally exposing their attitude towards skin saving technique, putting whole blame on customer & distributor. The rp-ml should condemn any such emails from OEM. Not everyone will talk sweet. Now I am aware of 2 more Objet installations languishing in such conditions in India, but may be they have no idea of such a forum. The print head replacements & material wastages is true fact. Any future Objet customers should be warned off thru the rp-ml.
  My service bureau supplier uses 3D Systems Viper, InvisionHR & I am yet to hear any late in delivery due to machine down. If any problem seen is attended immediately, with no time loss. I have seen 3D Systems excellent service support in India & commitment.
  The Objet machine is not suitable for jewelery industry, I see no document from Objet which states otherwise. Stiil the distributor in INdia pushed it in jewelery indutry without understanding the needs, & Poddar seems to be such a company who bought it.
  If you buy a machine for a application it is not meant for, thru a distributor who has no seervice experience of polyjet technology & from a supplier who has no commitment to the market, you can also become another such Installation. Just by changing distributor you may sell more machines may be, but will also increase unstaisfied customers base.
  These type of issues must be discussed & addressed at such a forum. I appreciate Poddar;s efforts to address this.
  Hiren Patel,

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