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Date: Thu Dec 29 2005 - 19:18:30 EET

Do you mean the real ankle of the baby foot, not a cast?
If so, you need a scanner that can go around the ankle and
deal with that the baby will move. It is entirely different
if you scan a cast, or a moving perosn.
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We have a dentist in this area who has has success scanning faces then
making SLA and LS models with: (Model 500?)
This camera will generate point cloud data, and then you would need to
stitch the various scans together to create your model.
Regards, Bob

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Dear List,

I am in search of a portable 3D Optical scanner. The scanner must be
suitable to scan the Ankle of the baby foot.

Thanks in advance for the needful.

With best wishes,
Dr. M.L. Jain

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