RE: [rp-ml] Where are the Universities?

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Date: Fri Dec 30 2005 - 01:20:59 EET

On the other hand, as exciting as it is, rp is largely used in the
manufacturing realm. As you imply, Marshall, how many universities have how
many classes and how many degrees in any of the manufacturing sciences?


There could be single courses in many areas - dental and medical schools,
art and design departments, and so forth - but Fabricator Science as a
degree may be a hard sell to the academic community. Many of the problems
seem more like technology than science. Are there currently any Fab Sci
degrees at the undergraduate or grad school levels?


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Okay, I'll jump back in on this note. Clemson, I believe has closed its RP
lab and Elaine has retired from Clemson.


Why should universities be interested in rapid prototyping? By and large,
students and benefactors are not interested in manufacturing. That's old
school. Who wants to make prototypes?


What we need is for a school to create a curriculum on FABRICATOR SCIENCE. I
once met the guy who created the first curriculum in computer science at
UCLA in the 1960s. That was groundbreaking at the time, and look at how it
has spread around the world! Imagine if people in those days had called
computers "rapid arithmetic" !! Who would have shown up for that?


I know some people on here are tired of hearing me harp on about
terminology, but I just remain astounded that we are sitting on the most
exciting field of technology on the planet (much more exciting than nanotech
because it's real today) and people still go around talking about




To sign up students and benefactors, you have to paint a grand vision that
turns them on and gets them excited. We are in the 21st century, for







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Subject: [rp-ml] Where are the Universities?


We get the feeling that the university interest in RP has really dwindled
over the past several years. Is this observation unique to us, or has there
been a major downsizing in RP efforts at the colleges and universities that
others have also observed? ( e.g, Clemson used to be a major contributor to
the list, but now it is difficult to discern any interest in RP at that



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