Re: [rp-ml] Where are the Universities?

From: Paul Carlon (
Date: Sat Dec 31 2005 - 00:53:32 EET

This is where I graduated from in 2004

They offer a industrial technology with a model emphasis and a design
technology with a model emphasis. One is based on more the managing side the
other is based more on the design side.

Its one of the best if not the best school to go to in the world if you want
to get into model making.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

as for RP in universities

Through college I had to do various reports and studies on different RP
methods and technologies. The only hands on experience I had with actual RP
was the two Statsys FDMs we had, other then that I drew up a few things in
Solidworks and had 3d Systems make a few SL parts for me. They were really
friendly and sent me "engineering samples" for my project that they built on
a viper. You won't see many colleges offer much for RP for cost and upkeep
sake. They normally don't have the budget to purchase a machine like that
and you pretty much have to have someone keeping it up (and I know there was
no chance that our college would ever get budgeted to hire someone like
that) you can't really trust a stereo lithography machine soley in a
student's hand that is just beginning to learn about them. Our FDMs would
cook material constantly because someone left it on over night or didn't
know how to use it, which really pissed me off, being one of the main
seniors that took care of the lab. I toured the art center out in Pasadena
and they had an RP lab that had an attendant there all the time, I'm pretty
sure that person was the person that actually interfaced with the machine,
the students just learned about the process, like most schools.

Paul Carlon

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