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Date: Sat Dec 31 2005 - 02:40:34 EET


 From my position at the University of Michigan I see extensive use of
RP here by the students, faculty and staff for their course work and
research in addition to very specialized application and materials
research. I think these additive tools are being incorporated into the
standard engineering, art, architecture and science curriculum (at the
top schools at least) and in turn only come up when their application
is novel. Not to toot our own horn but I think the following example
will be more typical of whats being done at Universities, instead of
machine design and other core technology work that UTA, MIT and the
like did previously:

Happy Nearly-New Year!

Brett Lyons
Senior Research Technician, UM3D Lab
Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering

Quoting "David K. Leigh" <>:

> The University of Texas at Austin is still involved in RP. They have an
> RP lab and have graduate work being done on it. They are currently
> focusing their work in the manufacturing area. It appears our country
> has realized we can't work for the wages and benefit packages our
> Chinese bretheren are accustomed to. So. . . as the old saying goes -
> "Work smarter, not harder." So, the effort is to find new ways to
> introduce the RP technologies into mainstream production.
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> We get the feeling that the university interest in RP has really
> dwindled over the past several years. Is this observation unique to us,
> or has there been a major downsizing in RP efforts at the colleges and
> universities that others have also observed? ( e.g, Clemson used to be
> a major contributor to the list, but now it is difficult to discern any
> interest in RP at that school).

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