Re: [rp-ml] Where are the Universities?

From: Alain BERNARD (
Date: Sat Dec 31 2005 - 19:18:00 EET

Dear Al, Dear All of RP-mailing list subscribors,

First of all, I would like to wish you all the Best, a very happy new year
for you and your family!

Concerning the topic of the discussion, we have seen an evolution with a
lot of machines integrated in different professionnal lectures and also in
design and production engineering curricula. Industrial engineering also is
widely concerning by the strategic use of RP technologies.
Research efforts now concern different kinds of laboratories that
collaborate to achieve different projects related to new applications.
In fact, we speak less about RP topic but RP is a current way of practice.
As technologies and developments are growing less faster than before,
journals and technical reports are less interested in writting a lot about
this topic.
There is also another phenomenon. People are very aware of how to find
information and they feel free to connect to the website that we built in
the past instead of becoming members or reniewing membership to the

But I can attest that this topic is higly of interest for many curricula
and personnaly, I am also in charge of teaching to people from commerce and
marketing studies.

All the Best,


A 15:51 29/12/2005 -0500, Al Hastbacka a écrit :
>We get the feeling that the university interest in RP has really dwindled
>over the past several years. Is this observation unique to us, or has
>there been a major downsizing in RP efforts at the colleges and
>universities that others have also observed? ( e.g, Clemson used to be a
>major contributor to the list, but now it is difficult to discern any
>interest in RP at that school).

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