RE: [rp-ml] Where are the Universities? -nano perspectives

From: Anand Dwarkanath <>
Date: Wed Jan 04 2006 - 07:52:40 EET

Dear Marshall,
  Not an expert or even close on Nano-tech issues, but from my readings and musings it appears that for the sake of Rapid prototyping /Digital Fabrication/Fabber technology, there needs to be a distinction made between Molecular Nanotechnology and the general umbrella of Nanotechnology.
  Molecular Nanotechnology with its requirement of nanoscale 'assembler' or 'manipulator arms' I believe has some time to go for its development, especially for the assembly of Macro-scale products. I think in that respect, RP/Fabber technology would still be the primary tool for achieving nanotechnology with the use of nano materials...
  Like in his 1959 speech physicist Richard Feynman,sees molecular manufacturing as being far more productive, and with higher throughputs; elimination of the need for large factories. production units etc...
  I believe the closest one could or maybe in the next 20-25yrs -would-, get to that reality is by combining the use of additive fabrication/RP/Fabber techniques and smart nano materials that would replicate the properties of forged, diecast, injection moulded components as is the requirement and also imparting greater speeds to Fabbing processes...
  And ofcourse in the process, realising the goal of integrating multiple manufacturing processes into one...hence less factories and greener environment!!
  Hence to make the case for RP/Fabber research and education my bottomline statement would be:
  ...if nanotech is to meet its objectives for industrial manufacturing (as Richard Feynman would have wanted) RP/Fabrication technologies are going to be the key!
  Any thoughts?
  Anand Dwarkanath

Marshall Burns <> wrote:
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  Hi Glenn,
              As a consultant to X Prize, I can tell you that they are considering a prize in nanotech, but I don’t think they’d have any interest in doing one in fabbers. And I can tell you for sure, no one would ever be interested in a prize on prototyping!
    Best regards,
  Marshall Burns

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  Marshal and all:
  I'm not sure if my e-mails are making it to the list but here's another idea.
  It sounds like the RP industry needs an X Prize competition to spur more development and recognition! Something like measuring the speed of a complex new product from initial concept to finished product, like a medical or mechanical device which has the potential to improve many lives especially in an impoverished area of the world to vividly demonstrate the power of RP to improve the quality of life.
  Glenn Whiteside


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