Re: [rp-ml] Where are the Universities?

From: Adrian Bowyer <>
Date: Wed Jan 04 2006 - 15:59:47 EET

Al Dean wrote:
> Funny, one thing few people discuss when looking at the whole
> fabbing/direct/rapid manufacturing debate is the lack of affordable and more
> importantly, easy to use 3D modelling software. After all, if you could buy
> a HP 3D printer, it's not much use unless you've got the ability to
> accurately generate the 3D model its got to build...

We're using the open-source Art of Illusion (AoI for short, at AoI is intended for making things for 3D
computer graphics, but can output STL files. It has a really easy and intuitive
user interface. It's not intended for engineering design, and can sometimes be
a bit frustrating as a consequence. But then, so can real CAD systems...

I wrote a guide to using AoI for mechanical design on the RepRap Wiki. You can
find it at:


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