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Hi Folks:

** Abstracts of the Solid Freeform Fabrication Proceedings for 2005 are now
available in Mom, (the Mother of All RP Bibliographies). More than 975 papers
in the Proceedings from 1990 through 2005 - sixteen years! - trace the
development of many rapid prototyping technologies from inception through
commercialization. Detailed analysis of systems, materials and software are covered, as
well as surveys of RP activities in specific geographic areas, industries and
education. The Proceedings are the permanent record of the Solid Freeform
Fabrication Symposium held annually at the University of Texas at Austin. We'd
like to thank Dr. David Bourell and Ms. Rosalie Foster of the University of
Texas for making the materials available.

** Highlights of the latest edition of THE ADDITIVE FABRICATION SPY (TM) are
now available on our web site. A total of 178 additive fabrication patent
documents were published from 9/6/05 to 12/6/05. It would take 8.5 standard
500-sheet packages of paper to print their 4,245 total page length! There are now
nearly 3,500 US rapid prototyping patent documents in our database.

Read More About ....
-- A very low cost system to fabricate usable plastic parts.

-- Additive fabrication of warheads.

-- Commercially significant applications in automatic test equipment and

-- Machine or visually readable markings inside parts for identification or
to prevent counterfeiting.

-- A display system for animating physical objects. The long wait for
personal Claymation is at last over. See Elvis's hips swivel before your very eyes!

-- An inexpensive, compact and fast RP system for home or office.

-- Three-dimensional customized test tubes for biomedical studies.

-- Distributed manufacturing to dispense hearing aids, ear plugs and ear buds.

*** Use the red *LATEST PATENTS READY NOW* button on our home page to jump to
the Additive Fabrication Spy (TM) - or just click on the PATENTS button at
the top of any page, or text link at the bottom to find your way.

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