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From: Bob Crangle <>
Date: Sat Jan 07 2006 - 18:11:52 EET

Despite its early successes in heavy manufacturing, I can't help but wonder
if the LOM will go down in RP history as a craftsman's and artist's tool .
no liquids, no powders, cheap raw materials, beautiful wood-grain-appearing
durable results which can be finished or impregnated as desired . I still
have some unfinished parts, almost 20 years old, which apart from the
accumulated smudges of time look like they did when they came off the
earliest 1015.




Rose & Crangle, Ltd

117 N. 4th Street

PO Box 285

Lincoln, KS 67455-0285


785 524 5050 (fax -3130)


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Hi Bob,


Yes, we continue servicing LOM machines and providing materials and spare
parts for them.


Best regards,


Michael Feygin

310-619-9541 Cell

310-965-0141 Fax


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Tom, might try Michael Feygin -- Cubic Technologies / Stereoniks Automation
-- 310-965-0129 -- Ext , they service

those machines, or at least used to.
Regards, Bob

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From: Tom M []
Sent: Friday, January 06, 2006 11:47 AM
Subject: [rp-ml] lom 1015

Hi all;

I have a LOM 1015 that I will be using in my art work and I need a manual.
Any one have one for sale??


Tom Marosz

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