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Date: Thu Jan 19 2006 - 11:51:17 EET


TCT 2006 Conference – Rapid Manufacturing in Action

The TCT ‘06 conference, which will take place at the Heritage Motor
Centre in Gaydon 19th–20th September, is gearing up to be a milestone
event. TCT is breaking new ground by dedicating its two day conference
to Rapid Manufacturing. Whilst many manufacturers have now adopted
rapid product development techniques, the underlying technologies are
moving at an even faster pace. As materials and RP techniques evolve,
new applications in Rapid Manufacturing are beginning to emerge, and
TCT ‘06 will be the place to learn of these firsthand.

The aim of this conference is not just to have delegates sit for two
days, listening to industry experts telling them how to do their jobs
better! The aim of TCT ‘06 is to promote a new way of manufacturing
products that will realistically and dramatically improve product
design and development processes. Seating up to 250 OEM professionals,
the conference will deliver live case studies from manufacturers
already using rapid manufacturing techniques and who have already
structured their design-to-market cycle around these technologies and
delegates will hear firsthand about the benefits that this has brought.

The conference programme will be designed to offer attendees a real
business opportunity in terms of evaluating their current product
development processes and learning about the true potential of Rapid

Rapid News would welcome any paper submissions from parties interested
in presenting at the 2006 conference.
Specific subject areas include:

Technology Trends in Rapid Manufacturing
Focus on Real-World Applications of Rapid Manufacturing
The Business Opportunities of RM
Rapid Manufacturing – Emerging Applications

All submissions must be non-promotional in content and presented by
companies that are utilising and/or
researching the technologies. All papers will be reviewed by an
external referee committee to ensure they
meet the necessary and exacting requirements of TCT. No vendor papers
will be accepted.

Prospective delegates and visitors to the show should note the dates in
their new 2006 diaries now, as this is an event that should not be

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