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Hi Folks:

Here's an excerpt from a pretty interesting news release:

"January 18, 2006 09:00 AM US Eastern Timezone The Dimension 3D Printing
Group Announces Price Reductions for Dimension(R) BST and SST

First 3D Printer to Break $20,000 Price Barrier; Price Reductions Bring 3D
Printing to More Engineers and Designers

The Dimension 3D Printing Group, a business unit of Stratasys, Inc.
(Nasdaq:SSYS), announced today its Dimension(R) BST 3D printer will now sell for
$18,900, and its Dimension(R) SST 3D printer will now sell for $24,900, both $6,000
and $5,000 less than their respective previous prices. The Dimension BST is
the industry's first 3D printer to be priced less than $20,000, a significant
milestone that enables a wider range of manufacturers, engineers and designers
access to 3D printing technology.

"These price reductions bring us even closer to our goal of making 3D
printers as common in engineering and design offices as laser printers and jet
printers are today," said Jon Cobb, vice president and general manager of 3D
printing for Stratasys. "We are pleased to offer affordable, industry leading 3D
printing technology that incorporates many key features found in modeling systems
that cost tens of thousands of dollars more."

Read the complete release here (and other places):


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