RE: [rp-ml] Cost of RP Model is too High for Home Applications

From: Deon De Beer <>
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I am hesitant to answer before I have more information on the intended field of application, as we have had a lot of success in applying RP&M in what I would define as the "Home Market" from my perspective. This may well differ from what you have in mind.

Secondly, if one adopts a Rapid Manufacturing approach in the use of RP machines, costs come down considerably. We have dealt with a specific case, where the unit costs came down to approximately 10% (actually less than) the costs involved for 1 item. This obviously depends on size, orientation, etc.


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Subject: [rp-ml] Cost of RP Model is too High for Home Applications

In obtaining several quotes to support a home project, we found that the cost of RP models appears to be very high. The low end of the range was $10 per cubic inch to a high of $50 or more per cubic inch. These high prices made us rethink the idea of using an RP process for our application.

It would appear that the the RP market will never really expand into the home market place until these costs come down substatially. Have others experienced these same types of costs, or is there a process that is more affordable?



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