Re: [rp-ml] Ukraine Patents and Outsourcing of Patent Examinations by the USPTO

From: Michael Ervin <>
Date: Tue Jan 24 2006 - 22:38:37 EET

Subject: [rp-ml] Ukraine Patents and Outsourcing of Patent Examinations by

Does anyone on the list know how to obtain a copy of a patent for an
invention that was patented in the Ukraine? The patent number of interest
is 50880. We have been finding it very difficult to break the code as to
how to do this.
On a second topic, it looks as if the US Patent Office is outsourcing some
of its patent examinations to the equivalent office in Korea. Go to the
USPTO site to find out the details.
Good Day see the listing below describing some options for getting
Ukrainian patents. It is not trivial.

Regarding the USPTO and using the Korean Patent Office for searching this
is not a cost saving outsourcing thing. Many patent practitioners like to
have alternate sources for doing searches to ensure getting a more
comprehensive search. The USPTO already gave the option of getting the
search done through either the U.S. or European Patent offices. Now there
is a third option (Korea).

Mike Ervin
Available options for the Ukraine
1. Paper copies:
1a. Ukrainian patent office ("State Department of Intellectual
Property", <> )
is referred to Ukrainian Center of Innovations and Patent Information
Services (Branch of State Enterprise "Ukrainian Institute of Industrial
Property") <>
(26 Lesia Ukrainka Blvd., Kyiv, 01133, Ukraine Phone: (38044)
<> )
I contacted this company: I was confirmed that it is possible to order
of copies of Ukrainian patents, but it is not possible pay for this
services in foreign currency, only in national currency (Grivna). There
is a request form:
You and others could try persuade this organization to accept payment in
the foreign currency.
In between, I was recommended to contact a patent agent (which is pretty
costly) or any other local intermediate.
1b.Alternatively, it is possible to try to order copies of Ukrainian
patents in the the Russian Patent Library VPTB FIPS (Phone:7 (095)
Fax 7(095) 240-44-37; e-mail: <>,
VPTB has copies of Ukrainian Patents from 1993-2003 (No. 4555 - 63873)
on paper and on CIS-Patent CD-ROM from 2002. VPTB/FIPS accepts payment
in foreign currency, however VPTB services are advertised in Russian,
and there are possible some communication problems in English.
2.Online access:
2a. Database "Inventions in Ukraine" (
<> , click on English tab).
This nice database was recently open for free access for searching
(after free registration). Full text of Ukrainian patents are available
(in Ukrainian) from 2002, however, access for full-text is limited to
subscribers. There is the same limitation as above: non-acceptance of
payment in the foreign currency.
2b. EAPATIS ( <>, a
Russian interface only) contains full-text Ukrainian patents from 2002
as a part of CIS-Patent Collection). Eapatis is currently available
through Eurasian patent offices.
2c. Finally, there are more that 10000 Ukrainian patents are on
Espacenet (and INPADOC) (as of May 30, 2005)
There are no copies of Ukrainian patents available, but luckily one
could find a Russian or WO, etc. patent equivalent, for which copy is
available on espacenet, <> or elsewhere.
I hope that addition of UA patents on espacenet/INPADOC will facilitate
easy access to copies of Ukrainian patent documents in foreseeable
Best Regards,
Aleksandr Belinskiy
Patent Information Scientist
Global Patent Litigation
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