Re: [rp-ml] Vibration sensitivity of SLA equipment?

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I've had 2 SLA 250s on a second floor. People walking by, doors closing
and palette jacks full of supplies occurred every day. I would watch the
vat resin surface ripple as these things would occur. I since then moved
both machines to the ground floor and have eliminate most of the vibration
issues. I would recommend placing machines on its own foundation if you're
going to get near train tracks, shipping docks, etc.


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[rp-ml] Vibration sensitivity of SLA equipment?

Hi, all -
We are planning on moving our facility this next year, probably just a few
miles away from where we are now. However, one of the questions that was
just asked is, "do you have any concerns about railroad tracks, thus
vibrations, near the building?"
I'm pretty sure that having trains run right by an SLA machine would be a
bad idea, but can anybody tell me what a safe distance from tracks might
be? Any real-life experience with trains and vibrations?
Thanks in advance,
Steve Stewart
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