[rp-ml] Thesis on inkjet printing from MIT

From: Carl Hauser <C.Hauser_at_liverpool.ac.uk>
Date: Wed Jan 25 2006 - 22:33:53 EET

Dear List,

A student of mine would be very interested in reading any of the four thesis
listed below. We have tried to acquire them through an inter library loan.
However the library at Liverpool has had great difficulty in trying to obtain
them, with no explanation. This email is a bit of a shot in the dark but I was
hoping that perhaps someone from MIT or otherwise might be able to shed some
light onto the problems – perhaps these Thesis are not available? A contact
with someone at MIT to discuss this matter would be very helpful. It would also
be interesting to know is anyone else has experienced similar problems with
other inter library loans from across the pond. Finally, since i am new to
this inter library loans system, if there are other appraoches to obtaining
copies of Thesis written within the USA then i would be very interested to hear
about them.

Best Regards


Fabriaction of complex oral drug delivery forms by three dimensional printing ™
By Kastra, Wendy E

Microstructural control during three-dimensional printing of polymeric medical
By Wu Benjamin M

Droplet – powder impact interaction in three dimensional printing
By Fan, Tallin

Binder stability and powder/binder interaction in three dimensional printing
By Bredt James Frederic

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