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Date: Fri Feb 10 2006 - 21:26:11 EET

Dear Philippe Guérin
                        Technico commercial Zcorp
  Thanks alot for your reply and interest. In the window called 3D print set up. I read the manual of that machine 3D printer Z-corporation.
  It is not clear the real meaning of shell and core values, with binder/volume Ratio, saturation level and saturation with the Anisotropic Scaling.
  That we cannot relate these values to the quantity of liquid injected through the print head. This very important to us.
  Also, we have troubles with the new print head, it fails to print even on a normal blank papers, error in the program of the machine arrising, and we want to look under the microscope what is the cause that print head nozzles closed and if it is possible to clean it. These date is missing for me, i need to know, this will be very helpful for our scientific research work with this machine.
   I will be very grateful to find a reply from experts in this interesting subject.
   Best regards,
  Dr. Adel
  FH Aachen,
  Goethestraße 1,
  52064 Aachen,
  Tel: +49 241 6009 2358
Fax: +49 241 6009 2681
Dear Dr. Adel

To control the amount of binder spread by the printhead, you have to adjust the saturation level of binder through the ZPrint software.
The saturation depend of the ambiant humidity : sometimes you need to override the saturation level to 105%, 110%, sometimes to 95, 90 %.

The powder used is another factor. If you use starch powder (zp14/zp15e), the saturation level will varie (110% or 90%), with plaster (zp102 or zp130), the saturation level variation is lower.

We have a customer in North of France who is very 'comfortable' with changing the saturation level value of binder with zp14 powder.


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Technico commercial Zcorp
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