[rp-ml] Z-Corp Support from ICT in Hong Kong

From: Charles Stapleton <chuck_at_churtle.com>
Date: Thu Feb 16 2006 - 00:49:15 EET

Hello fellow RPers,


I was wondering if anyone has worked with ICT in Hong Kong for a support
contract on Z-Corp printers, ours is a 510, but I would like to hear about
any experiences.


When our rep in China called them they were unwilling to help him find out
who he should talk to and was told that they were too busy to come out and
look at our machine.


Z-Corp's support in the US is probably one of the worst I've ever worked
with, but I'm wondering if their support overseas will be similar.


My company is very hesitant to pay a lump sum to ICT for a year of support
and would much rather pay quarterly to ensure they will live up to their
contract. We don't want to hear "we're too busy" when our machine goes


Any comments about ICT or Z-Corp support in China would be greatly




Chuck Stapleton
Received on Wed Feb 15 22:59:48 2006

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