RE: [rp-ml] viper blade gapping question

From: Paul Bordner <>
Date: Thu Feb 23 2006 - 01:48:57 EET

Do not move the platform. Lower the Vat and use a feeler gage. We
typically use .001" smaller feeler gage to achieve the gap we are
looking for. So if you are setting it at .006 gap, then use a .005
feeler gage to set. When finished, the .005" feeler gage should pass
under the blade easily, .006" feeler gage should be tight, and the .007"
feeler gage should not fit under at all.
Hope this helps.
Paul Bordner
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Subject: [rp-ml] viper blade gapping question

Can someone list the zephyr blade gaping procedure after building the
gapping blocks?
I forgot if you just lower the tank and use a feeler gage to gap across
the block set, or do you need to move the platform 'X' amount before
setting the gap?
All my parts are suddenly and consistently building above the surface of
the vat creating pillowing on flats.
Thanks in advance,
Phil Iehle


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