[rp-ml] Rapid Manufacturing

From: M.Senthil Kumar <m_senthilkumar3_at_yahoo.co.in>
Date: Mon Feb 27 2006 - 06:28:45 EET

Dear List,
  I wish to receive the comments and suggestions for the following questions,
  1.What are the scope for development of functional parts?
  2.What are the constraints, which will affect the development of functional parts for Rapid Manufacturing.?
  3.What kind of material can be suitable for the developments of functional parts?
  4.Is any Ph.D work going on this area?please contact me
  If any one reply in the list,it will be very well appreciated.
  I am M.Senthil Kumar,doing Ph.D in RM area at Anna University,Chennai,India.
  With Regards,
  M.Senthil Kumar.M.E.,(Ph.D).

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