Re: [rp-ml] 3D Systems drops price of 3D printer below $15,000

From: Liam MacGinley <>
Date: Mon Mar 13 2006 - 17:35:49 EET

Hi there
  This is great news about the $15,000 "3D printer" from 3D Systems.
  Does anybody know of the knock-on price reductions in the UK / Ireland for these machines yet?
  Liam MacGinley
  Hi Folks:

In case you were wondering about 3D's response to Stratasys' recent price cut:

3/2/06 - "3D Systems, a Valencia, Calif.-based manufacturer of 3D printer now
has announced to substantially reduce the price for its entry-level printer
model, which should make the technology available to a broader range of
potential customers. Instead of $23,000, the desktop-sized InVision LD now sells for
$14,900. According to the manufacturer, the sub $15,000 price tag makes the
device the industry's "most affordable" 3D printer."

You can read the full article several places on the web, including here:

Incidentally, try the canned Google and Yahoo searches on our site as a way
to easily keep up to date. One click - all the news.

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