Re: [rp-ml] IndoUS Workshop on Rapid Manufacturing (April 17-19) - Invitation

From: Ian Gibson <>
Date: Fri Mar 17 2006 - 03:11:23 EET

Dear All

I just wanted to add that following a recent trip
to India, I can confirm that the level of RP
activity in India, both in research and industry,
is very high. After what seemed a hiatus in the
last couple of years, there is now a great push
from industry and government to support Rapid
Manufacturing activities in India.

I would say this is a very good opportunity to
establish new links and investigate new
application fields, particularly in casting. From
an academic point of view I would say that there
some excellent students available in India, with
great motivation and enthusiasm.

I would encourage my colleagues in the US to take
up this excellent opportunity, if I were an American I know I would.


At 23:28 16/03/2006, you wrote:
>Dear List:
> Well and wish you the same.
> In order to keep pace with the latest
> developments in Rapid Manufacturing and to
> identify and execute collaborative research
> activities in this area between the research
> teams in India and USA, an "IndoUS Workshop on
> Rapid Manufacturing" will be held in Bangalore
> during April 17–19, 2006 (Monday–Wednesday).
> IndoUS Science and Technology Forum, a wing
> of Department of Science and Technology, Govt
> of India, supports this event. The Forum will
> fund the visit of 12 USA academic researchers
> and 15 Indian academic researchers. We are also
> expecting a sizeable number of industry
> researchers from both the countries to attend this event on their own expense.
> Already 7 researchers from USA have
> confirmed and we have 5 vacancies. We will
> heartily welcome the USA academic researchers
> with accomplished research work in RP/ RT/ RM
> to attend this event. Their air travel by
> economy class, accommodation and living
> expenses will be borne by the organizers. They
> may please send me their resume immediately along with
> i. the list of refreed publications/ patents in the areas of RM.
>ii. the topic and its abstract of their presentation.
>If we select them for attending the event with
>funding, they are required to send us the full
>manuscript of their presentation by March 31,
>2006. During the event, they will be given about
>30 min to make the presentation.
> We also welcome the US industries to send
> their representatives to take part in the event
> and deliberations. They are also welcome to
> make a non-commercial presentation of their
> research accomplishments. If so, they also need
> to send us the details of the person, the topic
> of presentation and its abstract immediately
> and the full manuscript by the same deadline.
> The necessary logistic support for their stay and ticketing can be provided.
> With many thanks and warm regards,
> Yours sincerely,
> K.P. Karunakaran
>K.P. Karunakaran, Ph. D. |Res. : C-38, IIT Bombay
>Humboldt Fellow | Powai, Mumbai-400076.
>Associate Professor, Mech. Engg.|Tel. : +91(22)25767530(O)/8530(R)
>Co-ordinator, Comp. Graph. Lab. |Fax : +91(22)25723480
>Indian Institute of Technology |Email:
>Bombay, Powai, Mumbai-400076 |URL :
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