Re: [rp-ml] Roland LPX-250 useful/popular or not?

From: Geordon Marchak <>
Date: Fri Mar 17 2006 - 04:08:22 EET

It's not bad. It's an older scanner, with an RS-232 port instead
of USB, and it wasn't designed with a lot of dampening mass on
the base so there is some vibration compared to the newer Roland
LPX-1200 and LPX-600. But if you use good stitching software
you can get reasonable results with it.

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> We have a Roland LPX-250 3-D laser scanner for sale.  However, I
> personally didn't have to operate it so I'm not sure how good a product it
> is, especially compared to similar ones from other vendors.  Does anyone
> know about this and how popular it is in the industry?  Not sure if it's
> worth selling or not.
> In any case, it's in excellent condition, any prospective buyers are
> welcome, please reply off the list.
> -Ramiro Escamilla
> 1-800-580-6688 x.246
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