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From: Andrew Graves <agraves_at_totalcsteam.com>
Date: Sat Apr 01 2006 - 01:56:53 EEST

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For Immediate Release
Date: March 31, 2006
Contacts: Andrew Graves, Colleen Wivell and Earl Dunlap

Total Customer Support Team (TCST) and Manufacturing By Design, Inc. (MBD)
partner with Materialise to provide Customers with a custom version of
Materialise’s 3Matic product specifically designed to meet the needs of RP

Total C S Team, Inc. and Materialise have entered into an agreement to work
together to produce a simplified version of the 3Matic product, specifically
designed to support the RP Tempering™ process developed by Manufacturing By
Design. The RP Tempering™ technology invented by MBD significantly improves
the material properties of the parts built with Rapid Prototyping
technologies also known as Solid Freeform Fabrication. The RP Tempering™
process requires some geometry changes in a part’s 3D drawing file to add
durability, impact strength and other characteristics without changing any
of the part external dimensions or look. Since many of the parts requiring
this work are in STL file format, it is an excellent application for
Materialise’s Digital CAD product, 3Matic. “There is no need to switch back
and forth between CAD files now that 3Matic is available to allow CAD
functions to be performed directly on the STL file”, comments Andrew Graves,
TCST’s VP of Technology. “This product works perfectly to provide the
modifications needed for the RP Tempering process and it will continue to
get better as the team simplifies the product and develops higher level
commands to allow the users greater capability with much less effort.”

 “One of the major limitations at the start of this product introduction was
getting the right tools in place for the users to be able to make the
changes in the geometry of their part files quickly and easily. I am very
pleased with the support of the TCST/Materialise Team and feel that 3Matic
provides an excellent solution to this issue now and will only get better
over the next 6 months,” stated Earl Dunlap, President and CEO of MBD.
“TCST and Materialise have many years of experience working with multiple
products and technologies in the Rapid Prototyping/ Solid Freeform
Fabrication market place and I am very pleased to working with them.”

For more information on the 3Matic product or a free demonstration, please
contact Andrew Graves at (661) 803-4800, or agraves@totalcsteam.com

TCST and MBD are currently working on other product enablers that will
provide the users continued improvement and flexibility in applying this
process in their own environment. We will be communicating further
announcements in the future to keep you informed in this area.

About Total C S Team, Inc.

TCST is a leader in providing support to Rapid Prototyping Users. TCST has
the unique capability to integrate many years of practical application of RP
systems with advanced analytical approaches to provide support to the users
that will gives them a competitive advantage now and in the future.
Through the use of 6 Sigma methodologies, TCST has been able to develop
process controls to proactively monitor processes providing its customers
with cost savings derived by improved efficiency and part quality. This
same methodology has allowed us to work with our partners to develop the
best solutions for RP system upgrades and reliability improvements.

For more information visit the company website at
http://www.totalcsteam.com, or

About Materialise

Materialise started out in 1990 as a Rapid Prototyping Service Bureau and
has since grown to become one of the leaders in software development for
Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing processes. Materialise software equips
customers to accomplish their most challenging tasks with ease. The software
can be summed up this way: integrated solutions whose key element is design
automation, and whose goal is to offer a competitive advantage by driving
efficiency and cutting costs.
Materialise is a trusted partner worldwide for the leading companies of the
automotive, aerospace and consumer electronics industries. The company has
development, sales and training offices all over the world. Its software
development team is the largest in the sector.
For more information visit the company's website at

About Manufacturing By Design, Inc.

Manufacturing by Design, Inc. sole focus is to enhance the Rapid Product
Development service industry. Specializing in intellectual properties and
technologies spanning from “Rapid Ideation”™ cost reduction system to RP
Tempering™ solid freeform fabrication prototyping technology.
http://www.RPTempering.com & http://www.manufacturingbydesign.com
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