[rp-ml] DeskArtes 3Data Expert 7.1 - For Easy 3D Printing

From: Ismo Mäkelä <ismo.makela_at_deskartes.fi>
Date: Mon Apr 24 2006 - 13:20:11 EEST


DeskArtes 3Data Expert 7.1 - For Easy 3D Printing!

DeskArtes has released 3Data Expert version 7.1 the 31st of March, 2006.
3Data Expert software is especially designed for data transfer and
repair for 3D Printing machines and simulation softwares. The main
emphasis with the release 7.1 is the ease of use, robustness and direct
links to 3D printing machines. Even the most challenging repair tasks
can be handled effectively and seamlessly with the 3Data Expert 7.1!

3Data Expert release 7.1 main features:

    * ease of use - several improved functions for STL, VRML and ZPR
      file handling.
    * direct STL links - transfer data directly to a 3D Printer
      software. Currently available links to Stratasys Insight/Catalyst
      and Objet Studio softwares.
    * direct ZPR links - trasfer data directly to Color 3D Printer.
      Currently available the link to Z Corp ZPrint software.
    * self study material - improved Online Help, new 3Data Expert
      Tutorial and new STL and VRML Repair Examples make expensive
      training courses obsolete!
    * economical - basic triangle handling starting from EUR 1.200. Ask
      for IGES, ProE, UG, Catia and STEP links from your local dealer.

You can download the 3Data Expert 7.1 and other Expert Series 7.1 tools
for 3D CAD design, manipulation and viewing from www.deskartes.com
<http://www.deskartes.com/> and ask for a 30-day evaluation.

For more information and sales in your region, please contact
sales@deskartes.com <mailto:sales@deskartes.com>.

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www.deskartes.com <http://www.deskartes.com/>
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