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Hi Folks:
The RPML seems to have been defunct for a couple of weeks due to a power
failure, but thanks to the kind efforts of Seppo Niemi has been brought up
again. This is a repeat of a message I tried to post a little while back:

** Highlights of the latest edition of THE ADDITIVE FABRICATION SPY (TM) are
now available on our web site. A total of 209 additive fabrication patent
documents were published from 12/6/05 to 3/8/06.

You might also be interested in our just updated graph showing the number of
patents and applications that have been generated over the years. For the
first time, the number of issued patents in this field has taken a significant
drop. There were 18% fewer patents issued in 2005 compared with 2004.
Nearly 600 patent applications were published in 2005, however, and possibly as
many as 700 will be published this year. It may not be as easy as it was to
obtain a patent, but it’s certainly not for lack of trying. Click on the
PATENTS button at the top of any page to see the graph.

Read More About ....
-- Small build volumes for selective laser sintering.

-- Three dimensional printing of very large objects.

-- Stereolithographically-produced missile igniters.

-- Special heat sinks for cooling integrated circuits.

-- Photopolymers with selective properties.

-- A brace that allows diseased hearts to function.

-- Testing drugs using simulated organs

-- Art works that cast surprising shadows.

*** To read about these developments , use the red *LATEST PATENTS READY
NOW* button on our home page to jump to the Additive Fabrication Spy (TM) - or
just click on the PATENTS button at the top of any page, or text link at the
bottom to find your way.

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