[rp-ml] Looking for Applications to Highlight

From: Brent Stucker, Ph.D. <brent.stucker_at_usu.edu>
Date: Mon Apr 24 2006 - 19:40:29 EEST


I am giving an overview talk of RECENT activity (since May 2005) related to
Direct Digital Manufacturing using RP technologies at the next Rapid
Prototyping & Manufacturing Conference. This is the largest annual RP event
in the world. During the Plenary Session I will highlight new rapid
manufacturing applications. This technical highlights talk will follow
Terry Wohler's State of the Industry talk.

If your company or someone you know has an example of an end-product that
has been manufactured, or is being manufactured, using layered fabrication
processes since May 2005 and would like it to be highlighted, please send me
information. Thanks a lot.

Brent Stucker

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