[rp-ml] Rapid prototyping companies

From: Carey Dillon <cdillon_at_exsilent.com>
Date: Thu May 11 2006 - 11:59:44 EEST

Hi everyone,

As I am new to this mailinglist I will just post my question here, please feel free to let me know if Im in the wrong place for this.

I am with a product development company currently considering different options for our Rapid Prototyping needs:

* Because of the small sizes of the plastic housings of our products we generally require very HIGH ACCURACY, almost injection moulding quality (+/- 0.05 mm) , in order to evaluate them properly.
* In addition to the highly accurate prototypes described above we are looking for ways of rapid prototyping directly into SOFT, silicone (or Shore values 50 - 70), material. This also requires high accuracy.
Can you please suggest of advise where I can find companies with such capabilities?

We are considering using service providers or otherwise purchasing a 3D printer.
Thank you and kind regards,
Carey Dillon
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