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From: Gary Schulberger <>
Date: Thu May 11 2006 - 15:16:55 EEST

Hello Carey,
You chose the correct place to post you query.

Please contact me off list as I'm sure we have some solutions that may work
for you.

Best regards,
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From: Carey Dillon []
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Subject: [rp-ml] Rapid prototyping companies

Hi everyone,

As I am new to this mailinglist I will just post my question here, please
feel free to let me know if Im in the wrong place for this.

I am with a product development company currently considering different
options for our Rapid Prototyping needs:

* Because of the small sizes of the plastic housings of our products we
generally require very HIGH ACCURACY, almost injection moulding quality (+/-
0.05 mm) , in order to evaluate them properly.
* In addition to the highly accurate prototypes described above we are
looking for ways of rapid prototyping directly into SOFT, silicone (or Shore
values 50 - 70), material. This also requires high accuracy.
Can you please suggest of advise where I can find companies with such

We are considering using service providers or otherwise purchasing a 3D
Thank you and kind regards,
Carey Dillon
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